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Sport has always been a way for citizens to entertain themselves. People are willing to pay as much as $300 to see their favorite team. This money doesn’t exhale in the air. It goes in the pocket of the players, who give their 100% every night. Hockey’s modern era has marked a measurable progression on the salaries, flying from 6 digits salaries to 15,91 million! Here are your top 7 list of the highest-paid hockey players right now.

  1. Auston Matthews (15,91 M$)
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Auston Matthews is a prolific goalscorer drafted first overall in 2016. From San Ramon, CA, USA, he is manifestly the hope for every Californian hockey kid destined to accomplish their dream of being drafted in the NHL. With 73 points in 63 games last season, Auston Matthews is the future for Toronto.

2. John Tavares (15,9 M$)

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Right behind Matthews here are another Leafs player and former №1 pick. Tavares, on the other hand, wasn’t drafted by Toronto. Sadly hated for his move out of the New York Islanders, he spent 9 seasons leading the New York Islanders. Averaging around 80 points per season, he is, of course, an elite player and a key one for any team that would have the luck of getting him.

3. Carey Price (15 M$)

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Often considered the best goaltender in the world, he has been an unusual part of the success of the Montreal Canadiens since being drafted in the first round in 2005. Winning the Hart Memorial Trophy after the 2014–2015 campaign, Carey proved himself a lot to the organization, receiving a massive contract extension: eight years, $84 million.

4. Erik Karlsson (14,5 M$)

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Drafted in the middle of the first round by the Ottawa Senators in 2008, Karlsson has often been leading the defensemen for the most points in a season. Being close to his big contract extension wagering $92 million for eight-year, he is one of the best defensemen in the league. He led the Ottawa Senators to the Eastern Conference Finals after racking 66 assists in 2015–2016. Weeks before the 2018–2019 season, he was traded to the San Jose Sharks.

5. Artemi Panarin (14 M$)

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Undrafted, Artemi Panarin is a big surprise in the NHL. Given a try by the Chicago Blackhawks, he surprised everyone winning the Calder Memorial Trophy with 77 points. After 3 seasons with the Chicago Blackhawks, he got traded to the Columbus Blue Jackets, where he helped the team reaching the Eastern Conference semi-finals, sweeping the Tampa Bay Lightning, the first overall team in 2019. The past offseason, Panarin signed with the New York Rangers in free agency. A contract worth $81,5 million for seven years.

6. Connor McDavid (14 M$)

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Selected first overall by the Edmonton Oilers in 2015, Connor McDavid didn’t take long to introduce himself in the league, making a league-leading 100 points in his second year, winning the Hart Memorial Trophy. Connor Mcdavid then signed a huge contract extension worth $100 million for eight years.

Often considered the greatest hockey player after Wayne Gretzky, let’s hope he doesn’t injure himself as much as Mario Lemieux and maybe he’ll surpass Gretzky!

7. Tyler Seguin ($13,5 M$)

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Drafted second overall by the Boston Bruins in 2010, Tyler Seguin is a pure goalscorer, finishing top 10 in goals since becoming a Star. Often paired with Jamie Benn, they both never stop surprising us. In his first season with Dallas, Tyler was fifth in goals and fourth in points. Before the 2018–2019 season, Dallas extended Seguin for $78,8 million for eight years.

I write articles based on my own knowledge. Factual and judgemental.

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