PK Subban, winner of the Norris Trophy for the 2012th–2013th campaign

Trophies are a way to demonstrates the effort and the talent of a player during a year. Sometimes, results can be unpredictable while it can also be super evident, as it was during the era of Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux, breaking records year after year. There are many trophies for every aspect of the game. Principally, there is the Hart Trophy, rewarded for the most valuable player to his team, the Art-Ross, for the most points by a player in a single season, the Maurice-Richard, for the player who scored the most goals in a single season, the Vezina…

Depuis mon tout jeune âge, j’ai toujours été quelqu’un d’énergique et de passionné. Déjà à l’âge de 9 ans, je lisais mon livre des pays du monde, que je connaissais à la lettre et avec excitation, je demandais à mes parents de me tester. Insousciant, je vivais le moment présent, content d’être heureux. C’est alors que de retour d’un voyage en France en juin 2016, la dépression me frappa soudainement. J’avais de la difficulté à socialiser car tout ce que je faisais nécessitait en moi un effort monstrueux.

Heureusement, bien que la dépression est perçue comme une maladie mentale ou…

Who is the next Connor McDavid?

Aatu Räty

Every year, a thousand of the best hockey prospects battle to be drafted in the big league. Unfortunately, only 217 players get drafted each year. Above these athletes, we can find elite phenoms, ready to perform with pro’s like Connor McDavid. Some of these are rare exceptions, going to make a huge impact in the league sooner than you might think. From 2020 to 2022, the drafts seem promising. Many players are having success in the Junior. …

Who’s the best prospect for Montreal?

Cole Caufield

Montreal Canadiens has a ton of young prospects getting ready to make their entry in the NHL. After making terrible choices in NHL drafts, they sated themself with good picks like Cole Caufield. Here are your 10 most promising young players for the Montreal Canadiens.

1. Cole Caufield (LW, University of Wisconsin, NCAA)

Who’s going to be the MVP?

Alexis Lafrenière

Every year, during December and January, hundreds of U-20 players battle to win the World Junior Championship. Many prospects get interesting and hype them up for the draft or an upcoming NHL entry. It is the best way for young teens to get remarked. Above these players, there are always elite ones, as Connor McDavid in 2015, who was watched by a ton of scouts. Here is your top 10 list of the best prospects for the 2020 World Junior Championship in the Czech Republic.

1. Alexis Lafrenière (LW, Rimouski Oceanic, QMJHL)

Who should your team sign?

Philip Rivers

Every year, many big names get signed on the free agency. Free agency is a way for managers to make “steals” by signing star players. Here is your top 25 NFL Free Agents Of 2020.

1. Dak Prescott (QB, Dallas Cowboys)

Which one is your dream mansion?

Indoor swimming pools, cavernous wine cellars, breathtaking views of mountains and lakes; estate owners create their dream homes from the ground up.

Set in sprawling estates in some of the world’s most desirable locations, these historic estates boast the likes of nightclubs, casinos and even theaters.
Owners of these homes make their mark by adding a few personal touches, like their helipad — with a price that matches their extravagant taste.

Take a look at some of the world’s most expensive homes.

Antillia, Mumbai, India

Price tag: $1 billion

Antilia is a 27-story residential skyscraper located in…

Who should your team sign?

Taylor Hall

Every year, many elites players get to the end of their contract, which signifies that they’re eligible to get signed by any team. During these times, teams battle to get their favorite free agent, raising the offers, and making the salary market increase year by year. Among these players, here are your top 15 unrestricted free agents of 2020.

2019–20 cap hit: $6,000,000

Hall should command at least $10 million annually across seven years. …

Is Sidney Crosby still the G.O.A.T?

Sidney Crosby

2010’s decade over, let’s make a recap. It was extraordinary. Players demonstrated their pure talent; skills increased, speed and much more were at the rendezvous. We saw an incredible number of rookies making a huge impact on the NHL, like Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews. Above all the players who showed what they were capable of, here are your top 10 of the best hockey players of the decade.

1. Sidney Crosby (C, Pittsburgh Penguins)

Who should win the Calder Trophy?

Jack Hughes

People always to tend that the rookies aren’t ready to take a step in the NHL. But each year, some of them tend to surprise everyone. Number one picks to surprising ones, they get phenomenal. Calder Trophy is a trophy decerned to the best rookie of the year; the one who demarked himself the most. As you might have thought, at the beginning of the year that Jack Hughes would take over the reign won by Elias Petterson in 2019, other names are playing extraordinarily good.

1. Cale Makar (D, Colorado Avalanche)

Émile LeBlanc

I write articles based on my own knowledge. Factual and judgemental.

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